Server Rules

Ark Survival Evolved Server

The startkit is in the rewardsafe wich you can build in your inventar.


! General !

Server Chat language is german and english.

  • your name (Steam, ingame and tribename) has to be clearly (not 123, etc.)
  • rename tribes is forbitten and has to be allowed by the admin.
  • 2 ally per tribe are allowed. In one ally are only 3 players allowed.
  • maximum 10 players per tribe
  • enemy players may be held for a maximum of 60 minutes
  • the maximum base number is limited to 3 -> 1 mainbase, 1 second base and 1 farm
    base (max. 5×5 foundations)
  • teleporter are only allowed in the 3 bases

Here it is forbitten to build: -> near Obelisk, great pearlspots.

  • in the near of playerspawns turrets are not allowed
  • rule violations can be reported in chat or teamspeak, screenshots are advantageous
  • punishment in case of violation is aways at the discretion of the admins

! unsporting behavior !

-streamsnipen, metagaming, bugusing/exploit, glitching, duping etc. are not allowed
and can lead to a permanent ban

  • Bug using with Tek Stuff (fly bug) is forbidden and can lead to a permanent ban.

! structures !

  • structurespam is not allowed
  • these include indiscriminate gatespams, foundation/ fence, space-consuming
    structural placements, and non distant taming buildings
  • more cases possible
  • turrets on the ground are only in reach of the own bease allowed
  • raided old bases are to be dismantled immediately when moving
  • turrets may only be placed on your base spots and the raidbase
  • after the raid turrets should be removed
  • build on Ragnarok Castle is vorbidden!
  • build inside Ragnarök Unterwater Cave is vorbidden.
  • undermesh only foundation and pillar, all other under mesh Play or Building is not allowed.

! raid !

  • give the enemy time to rebuild after a successful raid. 24h
  • ist forbidden to raid with corrupt dinos it include wild and tamed.
  • if you got raided you can ask a admin for a 48h save shield
  • ist not allowed to raid or Defence with Corrupt Dino if you have someone make it all time passiv.
  • ist not allowed to raid or Defence with King Dodo Rex.

  • dinos must not be build so that the hitbox is severely limited.
  • placing c4 on platform dinos is forbidden.
  • no turrets, plants on platform dinos.
  • only 3 Velonasaurus per Tribe (because to mch make Server Lag)
  • you can kill all corrupt dinos if he passiv or not.